January 29, 2011

Most awesome way to off yourself.

bear suicide

'Suicide by bear' is so much more of a creative way to commit suicide than a bullet to your head or hanging yourself.  Of course you'll need a bear.

A convicted killer who escaped from an Arizona prison said after his capture that he had planned to overdose on heroin at Yellowstone National Park and let bears eat him to end the fear and panic he was experiencing while on the lam. Tracy Province told Mohave County sheriff's Detective Larry Matthews that he had wanted to go up on a mountain, shoot up a gram of heroin and "be bear food." As he was preparing the drug, a voice told him not to go through with the plan, and he changed course in favor of trying to hitchhike to Indiana to see family. "He called it divine intervention," Matthews wrote in an August report.
via Gawker


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