February 4, 2011

Company find of the day: The Cosby Sweater

cosby sweater
What makes a grown ass man wake up one day and decide that a Cosby sweater is appropriate office attire?  That is the question I wanted to ask a fairly senior executive yesterday as he sat in my office jibber jabbering about some process he wants to implement.  Who cares about process.  All I wanted to know was how long that sweater has been in his closet and what made him decide that yesterday was a good day to wear it out in public.  Actually, I shouldn’t be so presumptuous.  Perhaps he wears it on a regular basis.  Maybe in addition to wearing it during chilly work days, he also sports the horrid thing to church on Sundays.  I’m sure that upon seeing the sweater, even the priest would go “oh lord”. 

“You know, perhaps he’s wearing it to be cool, like in a retro hipster kinda way?”

Uh…no.  That is not what is happening here.  I work in possibly the most un-cool company filled with cheap-ass bureaucrats that exclusively shop at Sears and have the fashion sense of a day laborer in the Fujian province of China.  My bet is that this guy simply didn’t have the time or the sense in the last two decades to upgrade his wardrobe.  He probably figures if it was good enough in 1985, it’s still good enough in 2011.  It appears that he didn’t get my dress code manual.          

If you’ve seen other workplace fashion transgressions, please share them with me.  Pictures would be great.  I was so enthralled by the sweater that I forgot to take a picture of the Cosby-wannabe.  I shall not make that mistake in the future.


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