February 11, 2011

Play my office litter game

It’s getting harder and harder to stay focused at work.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly love my position as Chief Mockery Officer, but truth be told, there is only so much Web surfing one can do in a given day.  Recently, I’ve come up with a new office game to keep myself entertained.  It’s called “How Much Can You Litter Before Anyone Notices”.  

litter in the office

Here’s how the game works:

Pick a large communal space at work - in my case it’s the underground parking lot - and every day leave a piece of trash somewhere in the area.  You can use just about anything such as disposable coffee cups and lids (my personal preference).  Start in less conspicuous parts of the space and work your way towards more open and visible areas.  For instance, when I started the game I placed a crushed cup in one dark corner of the parking lot.  That was about two weeks ago.  As of this afternoon, there are over a dozen cups and lids spread out all over the parking lot. 

The point of the game is to guess how long it will take for the janitorial crew or some Good Samaritan to clean up all the litter.  You can turn the game into a team building exercise by making wagers with your co-workers.  The game is over once someone cleans up the mess at which time you can start the game over at the same location or pick another area to litter.

Have fun and I'll let you guys know when my current game is over.  I suspect it'll take a while.


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