February 2, 2011

Why I love having an admin

crazy admin
On Monday, I had to fly out to Houston for one of those bullshit meetings that could have easily been handled via teleconference which would have saved the company a couple thousand dollars on my airfare and expenses (great, I sound like one of those fucking GoToMeeting commercials).  More importantly, I wouldn't have had to wake my ass up at 4:30AM to catch a flight or spend a night at a crappy hotel built literally right next to a major freeway.

I landed in Houston at about noon local time and the meeting, which was located a good 40 minutes from the airport, was scheduled for 1PM.  I was famished since Continental Airlines didn't serve any food on the flight (I'd rather pass out from hunger than pay money for one of those ridiculous meal boxes).  I was irritable from waking up at an ungodly hour and there was no way that I was going to skip lunch just to make the meeting.

So I decided to stop by a restaurant and have myself a big 'ol lunch complete with a milkshake.  It was a damn good milkshake too.  By the time I got to the meeting, it was already 3PM and I had missed half of the scheduled four hour jabber-fest.  When I arrived, I acted completely surprised and a bit indignant that I had missed the beginning of the meeting:

"You guys started at 1PM?  I thought the meeting was scheduled for 3PM?  But it said 3PM on my Blackberry!  That stupid admin of mine.  She always does this crap!  She probably confused Pacific and Central time.  I'm going to give her hell when I get back."

And that my friends, is why I love having an admin.  Two less hours of bullshitting and I get to enjoy a mid-afternoon milkshake.

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