March 2, 2011

Unlike the Most Interesting Man in the World, I know what manscaping is

pubic hair manscaping note
This note reminds me of an incident that took place at my place a few months back.  A buddy of mine was staying over for the weekend.  His friends call him Commando Boy, not because he served in the military (he didn't), but rather due to his delusional fantasies about being a special forces soldier (he's not).  He also has a propensity to take shit without asking, like the time he "borrowed" the insoles from my running shoes so that his feet blisters wouldn't bloody his own pair.

Well as they say, karma is a bitch, and she took it out on Commando Boy this particular weekend with full force.  He had just gotten out of the shower and was getting himself ready in the bathroom while I was in the living room looking at porn or some nonsense.  All of a sudden I heard a buzzing noise.  I figured he was just shaving with his electric shaver.  Or at least I hoped it was with his electric shaver since I didn't have one.  At least not one that's designed for one's face.

I paused from my porn surfing and decided to go and check.  I walked in the bathroom and I saw Commando Boy happily shaving his face with my electric shaver.  My jaw dropped.  I looked at him.  He looked at me.  I looked at him.  He looked at me.  He looked me some more, this time inquisitively.  He then looked at the electric shaver.  He looked back at me.  Inquisitiveness turned into horror.  I started cracking up.  He started shaking.


So the lesson here dear readers is that before you use your friend's electric shaver, make sure first that it isn't used for the hair down there. 

Commando Boy has never borrowed my insoles ever since. 


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