April 15, 2011

I guess the Monty Python crew sould also be thrown in jail

Evan Emory gets jail for sex song in front of kids
I'm not sure why there isn't more outrage over the jailing of YouTube comedian Evan Emory for the video he made of himself singing a sexually explicit song to a bunch of school kids.  Now, he didn't actually sing the dirty words to the kids, he simply used some creative video editing to make it seem like he did.  Apparently the parents of the kids got in a tizzy and long story short, Mr. Emory will now spend two months in jail and be forever cast as a child molester for a silly little prank.

Now don't get me wrong, OBVIOUSLY I'm against sexually exploiting kids.  But this is just plain retarded.  Sending a guy to jail for a presumably funny ass video (the video was taken down so I haven't actually seen it) where no kids were actually molested seems a bit - no, very much over the top.  If this guy gets jail time for his video, than perhaps we should send the comedic geniuses behind The Meaning of Life to the electric chair for their epic sperm song below.  Forget video splicing, these fuckers had kids actually singing about the sanctity of sperm.  AND some of them were naked as well.

Hope I don't get thrown in jail for this post.


Amanda said...

All I can say.. this is a misinterpreted incident..Amanda Vanderpool

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