January 31, 2011

Here's a law we need at my company

no farting
The African nation of Malawi - and yes, you're not the only one who didn't know Malawi is an actual country - is looking to make passing gas a punishable crime.  While many of its citizens disagree with such a law, I think it's a great idea and something that my company should implement.  You see, I sit in an office next to one occupied by a chronic farter.  He passes gas throughout the day, whether it be in his office, in the break room, or even in staff meetings.  It does not matter whether women and children are around, this walking stink bomb will unleash his weapons-grade gas without a moment's notice.  It's absolutely disgusting and something I've seriously considered bringing up with our ethics department.  Inspired by this Malawian law, I as Chief Mockery Officer, will draft a company policy that addresses this vile habit and seek immediate corporate approval from our executive team.  

via Nothing to do with Arbroath


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