January 6, 2011

When fat chick on motorized skateboard meets a Porsche, fat chick wins

As an owner of a Porsche Cayman S, I empathize with this poor guy.  You're minding your own business then out of nowhere an uninsured fat chick on a motorized skateboard plows into your car...that makes for a very bad day.

fat chick hits porsche

Odd one.... I was stopped at a traffic light waiting for the green, when a chubby woman riding a motorized skateboard and crossing in front of me lost control, veered 45 degrees off course and whacked into the side of my Cayman ! (I hate to call it a scooter, it's a skateboard with a lawnmower engine and a useless handlebar)

She took out the windshield with her elbow, the mirror with her chin, and dented the door in 3 places as well as scratched the sill under the air intake... She's fine, stupid but fine... Get this, no insurance of course, no ID, nothing... At least she was apologetic and did not run ;-)

The cop was laughing at her stupidity and lamenting she took out a nice porsche instead of a crappy chevelle...

My side PORSCHE script will have to come off to repaint, and the ins. will not pay for that (aftermarket), no idea about deductibles yet (can I get dinged if I was not even moving ???)...
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