February 20, 2011

How to piss off your employees: Charge for the company picnic

company picnic at zoo is funny
1) Email blast the company a 'Save a Date' for the company picnic.

2) Send a follow-up email that the company picnic will be at the local zoo and that there will be an employee copay of $10 to pay for the hot dogs and sodas. 

3) Ask for an RSVP by a certain deadline.

4) Extend the deadline when only 20 percent of the employees RSVP'd, likely due to the fact that 80 percent of the employees were smart enough to realize that $10 for hot dogs and sodas is a ripoff. 

I was tempted to reserve the space next to the company picnic and offer free hot dogs and sodas out of my own pocket.  Then I came to the conclusion that spending thousands of dollars to demonstrate the pettiness of my company was just stupid.


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