February 10, 2011

I want to be the Aflac Duck Guy

aflac duck guy
I love ducks.  Granted it’s usually after they’re roasted and served on a plate with Hoisin sauce, but still, I think I would be a great “Duck Guy”.  That’s the job currently held by Bill Zimmerman who also doubles as a security guard at Aflac.  Check out his awesome duties:

“Each morning he lets the ducks out of their overnight pens; then he cleans their beds while they hang out all day on Aflac's quarter-acre pond. At night, when everybody goes home, the ducks do, too: Zimmerman treks to the pond, where the ducks waddle up to him to be fed, watered, and put to bed. He says they know the sight of him, and come running when they spot him. "They get used to the blue uniform," he says.”

Ok, maybe the part about cleaning their beds kinda suck, but the rest of the job description seems pretty cool.  In any case, I’d rather be in charge of a flock of cute ducks instead of dealing with a bunch of moronic office monkeys like I am now.  I might have to take a pay cut though.  


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