February 21, 2011

Signs that our employees just don't care anymore

After multiple rounds of layoffs, a stagnant stock price, and general management suckness, it's becoming quite obvious that our employees just don't give a shit anymore.  How do I know?  Here are some signs:

- I show up at 9:30AM and the parking lot is half empty.

- I leave at 5:00PM and the parking lot is half empty.

- Our front desk lady keeps the security turnstile down all day and just waves everyone through.

- 40 people invited to teleconference, 5 bother dialing in.

- I haven't replied to co-workers' voicemails in two weeks and no one seems to care.

- The ratio of business attire to baseball game attire has gone from 60/40 to 20/80.  In a related indicator, sandals in the workplace is now a common occurrence.

- Employees are openly accessing chiefmockeryofficer.com from the office.  Keep it up minions!


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