March 22, 2011

Pubic hair in the office is both disgusting and funny

pubic hair in the office
A while back, I wrote about the litter game I played at work where I would place random pieces of trash in the office and see how long it would take for the janitorial crew to clean it up.  Well it looks like someone has decided to up the ante.  Instead of leaving pieces of trash, this ingenious employee has been leaving a single solitary pubic hair on top of the bathroom urinal.  I noticed the crotch follicle one day and thought to myself how disgusting our employees are.  Then the next day I saw what I thought to be the same piece of hair and wondered how the hell the cleaning lady missed it.  But once I saw the hair again on the third day, I realized something more diabolical and hilarious was at work.

So who's the culprit?  I have my suspicions.  But before I confront him, I'll play along with my potential rival and place a second piece of hair on the urinal.  It looks like the beginning of a pubic hair arms race.


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